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Do you need top-class inspirational speakers for Conferences, Cruise audiences, Events, Keynotes, after-dinner speeches and motivational lectures?

Let the world's greatest living Explorers and Adventurers inspire your audience with captivating tales of their adventures encapsulating themes of risk, challenge, leadership, team work and motivation!


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Welcome to the World Explorers Bureau where the world's greatest explorers and adventurers will inspire and motivate your audience.


I was thoroughly mesmerized by Matt's subject matter, style, and engagement with the audience. He is able to bring every one of the participants along with him as he experienced the triumphs and epic challenges of his journey. Adding interactive "what would you do" moments into the presentation creates an immersive experience and mandates full attention. Matt was able to skillfully leverage his story of leadership, courage, and perseverance to underscore our core meeting objectives through an entertaining and gripping presentation.

Hewlett Packard about World Explorer, Matt McFadyen 

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James Borrell is a conservation biologist and expedition leader. He has been involved in expeditions to a variety of challenging environments, from the sweltering Amazon to frozen Arctic and deserts of Oman to the rainforests of Borneo. Most recently he led an international team of scientists and filmmakers on a challenging research expedition to a poorly studied region of Northern Madagascar.

James Borrell

An accomplished scientist, James’s passion is in understanding the genetics of rare and endangered species whilst exploring how we can engage young people with conservation through citizen science. James has shared his stubbornly optimistic perspective on global challenges with audiences all over the UK, including TEDx, Earthwatch and the Royal Geographical Society.

  • Exploration with Purpose - Dealing with hardships and challenges in pursuit of a goal

  • Grand Challenges - How technology can change our view of the world

  • Lessons from leading expeditions

"It was fantastic to hear positive conservation messages along with inspiring tales of his travels and research.. ..an excellent speaker and a really nice chap.”

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, UK



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World Class Explorers

Our World Explorers Bureau explorers and adventurers demonstrate a wide range of high value personal characteristics and skills. Here we feature from time to time some of our amazing team who have made or broken world records, set world firsts and entered in the Guinness Book of Records to give you a feel for what our adventure speakers can offer your audience:

Cecilia Vanman

Cecilia is a marine mammal biologist, photojournalist and expedition leader based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work and projects have taken her all over the world, but she has a special love for the Arctic, where she has planned and led expeditions for both scientific teams as well as natural history film crews such as National Geographic Society. 
This career change has led to many thrilling adventures and it has been an objective for Cecilia since turning to marine biology, to be engaged in various forms of nature conservation, to document and convey this and other relevant stories in a way where it may either inspire others and/or have scientific relevance. 

Jacki Hill-Murphy

Jacki-Hill Murphy 480x640

Jacki has spent the past few years exploring and filming some of the most inhospitable and remote places on earth.

In 2007 Jacki left her job as an English and Drama teacher and set off down the Bobonaza in the Amazon Basin in a dug-out canoe.

This became the first adventure in her project to recreate the journeys of the early women explorers; spurred on by the fusion of amazing, unsung women from history and her love of travel.

Very approachable, inspiring, and so passionate about her cause - put a date in your diary so you don't miss this woman speak next time she's near.

Professor Rob Adlington, Oxford University.

..delightful stories of travel obscurities and surprises that only a genuine explorer can communicate as she seems to remember every tiny detail from all her senses and has a way of describing people that is heart warming and memorable.

Daniel Jones ITV/BBC Producer/Director

Maria Leijerstam 

On the 27th December 2013, Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole and also set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14hrs and 56 minutes

Maria Leijerstam