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Do you need top-class inspirational speakers for Conferences, Cruise audiences, Events, Keynotes, after-dinner speeches and motivational lectures?

Let the world's greatest living Explorers and Adventurers inspire your audience with captivating tales of their adventures encapsulating themes of risk, challenge, leadership, team work and motivation!


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Welcome to the World Explorers Bureau where the world's greatest explorers and adventurers will inspire and motivate your audience.


I was thoroughly mesmerized by Matt's subject matter, style, and engagement with the audience. He is able to bring every one of the participants along with him as he experienced the triumphs and epic challenges of his journey. Adding interactive "what would you do" moments into the presentation creates an immersive experience and mandates full attention. Matt was able to skillfully leverage his story of leadership, courage, and perseverance to underscore our core meeting objectives through an entertaining and gripping presentation.

Hewlett Packard about World Explorer, Matt McFadyen

Her adventures and achievements are admirable; her boundless energy and creativity make her unique

Adobe Systems Inc. about World Explorer, Lia Ditton

Dave’s fresh and compelling point of view is a great draw card and inspires positive change in work and personal life.

Professional Investment Holding Ltd about World Explorer, Dave Cornthwaite

Not only in his business, but also in this account of his adventures, Bruce Poon Tip is making an active contribution to creating a more peaceful and happier world, while at the same time creating a model from which others can learn

His Holiness the Dalai Lama about World Explorer, Bruce Poon Tip

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Scientist, Explorer, Presenter Huw james joins World Explorers bureau

Adventurer and astronomer, Huw James is a presenter and active campaigner for public participation in science and the outdoors. He has brought his brand of energy and enthusiasm to hundreds of stage and screen appearances and can be seen performing at many of the science and outdoor festivals and events across the globe

Huw James

Originally trained in space science and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Huw is an all-round athlete and adventurer. He combines these interests together to create his unique approach to engaging the public in the science of the universe and the adventure that is the natural world.

    • #liveadventurous - We get bombarded with motivational messages all the time telling us to “get out there” and “just do it” but what does It really mean to live adventurous? Scientist and Adventurer Huw James will share insightful looks into past and present adventurers and scientists and the contributions they’ve mide to society whilst being adventurous in every aspect of their lives!

    • #thenextgiantstep - The four corners of the map have long since been filled in, the details becoming more specific and the resolution getting higher. But the maps of our reality past the Earth are still very much unknown. Exploration of our planet is at an all time high, but what are.

    • #ourhumanplanet - Humans have a very special relationship with our planet, our instincts are filled with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Exploring the globe takes time and preperation or we can easily be caught out in extreme conditions. But the pros, far outweigh the cons as we discover our dynamic


Huw is a truly exceptional presenter and the content of his presentations are particularly appealing to young people. Usings a blend of props, humour and audience participation he has no trouble in engaging even the most science averse individuals! Highly recommended.

Carole Gledhill 


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World Class Explorers

Our World Explorers Bureau explorers and adventurers demonstrate a wide range of high value personal characteristics and skills. Here we feature from time to time some of our amazing team who have made or broken world records, set world firsts and entered in the Guinness Book of Records to give you a feel for what our adventure speakers can offer your audience:

A record-breaking polar explorer and a renowned international speaker, Ann Daniels is the first woman in history to reach the North and South Poles as part of all women teams. Described by Prince Charles as “A wonderful example of determination and true British grit”. Ann is a renowned public speaker who has organised, led and taken part in five major polar expeditions

Ann Daniels


Kenton Cool

Kenton’s first expedition to Everest in 2004 was the starting point of his professional career in high altitude mountaineering and has lead to Kenton becoming Britain’s most successful Everest mountaineer and the second-most successful Western Mountaineer of all-times.

In total Kenton has summited Everest 11 times – even twice in one week. In 2009 he successfully lead the Sir Ranulph Fiennes Everest Expeditions and was part of a BBC documentary centred around the expedition. Kenton was the first person to ever send a tweet from the summit of Mount Everest (in 2011) and also make a 3G phone call from the top too. He is the only Brit to have ski descended two 8000m peaks.

More recently he has summited the three mountains of the Everest horseshoe, Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse in one continuous push - completing the ultimate ‘Three Peaks’Challenge in 2013.



Shane is a travel blogger who possesses a passion for travel. His favourite destinations are often perceived as dangerous such as North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. Travelling alone, independently and without security personnel, he immerses himself in a destination to learn about its people and culture.

Shane is a highly experienced public speaker with more than two decades of delivering presentations that both inform and inspire. 

Mollie Hughes


Over the last 7 years Mollie has been on many mountaineering, rock/ice climbing and mountain biking expeditions from South America, to Africa to the Alps and the Himalayas, summiting Everest in 2012 at the age of 21. In 2015 Mollie aims to climb Everest again, this time from the north side.



James Borrell

Oman Profile-small

James has been on expeditions to Norway, the Peruvian Amazon, conducted field research in South Africa, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and travelled overland from London to Istanbul in search of Europe’s remaining wild places.James is a writer and scientist, with a passion for fieldwork and expeditions. He is currently based in London, whilst studying conservation genetics and building his organisation, Discover Conservation.

Maria Leijerstam

 Maria Leijerstam

On the 27th December 2013, Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole and also set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14hrs and 56 minutes