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Marine mammal biologist, photojournalist and expedition leader

Cecilia is a marine mammal biologist, photojournalist and expedition leader based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work and projects have taken her all over the world, but she has a special love for the Arctic, where she has planned and led expeditions for both scientific teams as well as natural history film crews such as National Geographic Society.

While Cecilia originally enjoyed a career as a footwear designer in the fashion business, scuba-diving inspired her to become a marine mammal biologist and ignited in her a strong passion for exploration.

This career change has led to many thrilling adventures and it has been an objective for Cecilia since turning to marine biology, to be engaged in various forms of nature conservation, to document and convey this and other relevant stories in a way where it may either inspire others and/or have scientific relevance. Cecilia has been a member of Women Adventurers Club, Denmark since 2011 and is the first Danish woman to become a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

She has conducted marine mammal research projects primarily revolving around marine mammal acoustics in Greenland, Mozambique, Tanzania, Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and photojournalism projects include reportage work on the elite units Sirius Sledge Patrol in NE Greenland, the Danish Helicopter Rescue Service, Squadron 722 and The Danish Frogman Corps.

Past Speaking Engagements


National Aquarium, Denmark
Naturama (Museum of Natural History), Denmark
Geological Museum, Denmark
Aqua Aquarium & Park, Denmark
International Marine Contractors Association, Netherlands
Danish newspaper Fyens Stifttidende



The Secret Lives of Marine Mammals - the fascinating life stories and adaptations to living in the aquatic environment.

Leadership Under Pressure - motivational talk on leadership in expedition environments.

Our Arctic Future - environmental change and challenges in the Arctic.

An Adventurous Life - from fashion design to a life of adventure, natural science and exploration.



As a photojournalist and writer, Cecilia is a regular contributor to a wide range of magazines with articles on travel adventure, nature and sustainable subject matters. She is passionate about conveying stories from geographical areas not easily accessible, and that they may inspire readers to take an interest in nature conservation.

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"Cecilia Vanman's talk is a captivating story of a work life at the extreme end of human capability in the most northern parts of our planet. The audience is blown away when stories of white out snow storms, menacing polar bears, fabulous narwhals and dog sledding in the toughest environments are told with a truly engaging, and authentic passion for nature. I cannot recommend her enough.”

If you would like to book Cecilia for a speaking event, or for more information click on the booking enquiry below.

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