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Adventurer & Survival Expert

John Sullivan joined the Royal Marines at the age of 16, travelling across the

world in pursuit of adventure.


After leaving the forces he started specializing in extreme survival, working in some of the most inaccessible corners of the globe. John has been an expedition leader for several conservation projects and adventure challenges for individuals and groups.


He has also has set up numerous prime time programmes for the BBC and the National Geographic Channel. These have seen him living successfully with different cultures including the famous Biami Cannibal tribe in the Papua New Guinea jungle and the Nomadic peoples of the Sahara Desert.


John is passionate about inspiring others to live their dreams and to take notice of the world they live in.

John Sullivan in Papua New Guinea with Biami tribesman

Past Speaking Engagements

  • St James Palace – Guest speaker for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

  • Explorers Connect – public evening presentation.

  • Unlimited Adventures – public evening presentation.

  • BBC Radio Northampton – John Griff show. 

  • Epic Tomato – on behalf for the P.N.G tourism board. General public.

  • Fast Hosts – corporate client.

  • Numerous schools/ Academies and Colleges, including Bedford School, Radley College, Queens College Taunton, Kingham Hill School.


John's Talks include:

  • Exploring remote parts of Papua New Guinea and living with remote tribes that had once practised cannibalism.

  • Living with the Penan people of Borneo and understanding the effects of deforestation from a local’s perspective.

  • Preparing for an expedition explaining kit and equipment along with safety and logistics when exploring alone.

  • The reality of TV. From the actual adventure to how it is eventually screened on T.V. This will include managing a film team on the ground.

Survival side show (94).jpeg


TEDx Cardiff

John brings to his talks a wonderful sense of humour and imaginative use of video.

Invariably, he concludes his presentation with a stunning twist, taking his audience completely by surprise, often bringing them to their feet with rousing laughter and applause.


Mary-Ann Ochota, Anthropologist & Broadcaster

"John is warm, charismatic and approachable. You instantly know he's the real deal. From his kit-packing tips to the deadpan way he describes his one-way trek into inhospitable jungle with semi-coherent guides, John brings the adventure to life. Culturally sensitive, technically skilled, and with first-hand evidence of the challenges remote communities now face, John is a Boys' Own Adventurer for the 21st Century."

Jordan 2011 (4).jpeg

If you would like to book John for a speaking event, or for more information click on the booking enquiry below.

John Sullivan

"Feed the Rat"

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