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Adventurer and astronomer, Huw James is a presenter and active campaigner for public participation in science and the outdoors.

Originally trained in space science and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Huw is an all-around athlete and adventurer. He combines these interests together to create his unique approach to engaging the public in the science of the universe and the adventure that is the natural world.


Huw started in public engagement and communicating science straight out of University. After graduating with an Honours degree in Astronomy and Space Science, Huw set his sights on communicating science with the public. He spent a year at the UK’s oldest science centre, Techniquest, working his way up from presenter to organising the science centre’s outreach, to travelling abroad working with partners on science exhibits. He then moved on to Cardiff University and their spin out company ‘science made simple’. This is where Huw began to hone all his skills that he would develop further on in his career from public speaking, film-making, show writing, communicating science and more.


Huw now runs the successful company ‘To the Blue’. It runs a range of projects from the ‘All Around You Roadshow’ for Robert Bosch GmbH to the 2012 Olympic endorsed ‘In the Zone’ feature tour for the Wellcome Trust. The company has handled a lot of large and small scale projects but always stayed with their roots of media and public engagement.


Huw has done talks and shows on 6 continents around the world about science, adventure and more. Working with translators on stage, or by himself, Huw has had audiences of over 200,000 in his public speaking career. He holds a distinction in public speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and has written and performed many shows for the public.


His work with online channels such as HeadSqueeze and VideoJug have seen his videos viewed by over 1 million people. Huw has presented for YouTube for many years as well as for the small screen with shows like SportsLab doing amazingly well on channels like Kix TV. He regularly appears on local radio as science advisor but also for national radio like BBC Wales, having done several pieces including a mini-series on Welsh adventurers.


Film-making and professional photography have recently appeared in Huws repertoire. His mix of outdoor training, climbing, and mountaineering place him in the perfect locations to grab those night time starry sky shots or daytime extreme mountaineering shots. He is an experienced mountain leader with seasons in Wales, Scotland and the Alps. A trained climbing instructor and mountain leader, he is 100% efficient in the field.

  • #liveadventurous  - We get bombarded with motivational messages all the time telling us to “get out there” and “just do it” but what does It really mean to live adventurous? Scientist and Adventurer Huw James will share insightful looks into past and present adventurers and scientists and the contributions they’ve made to society whilst being adventurous in every aspect of their lives! How exploration and adventure can teach us to overcome our fear of failure.

  • #thenextgiantstep - The four corners of the map have long since been filled in, the details becoming more specific and the resolution getting higher. But the maps of our reality past the Earth are still very much unknown. Exploration of our planet is at an all-time high, but what are the next steps? Astronomer and Adventurer Huw James takes a look at what’s out there worth exploring and what the first Space Adventurers will find in the unexplored depths of space.  

  • #ourhumanplanet - Humans have a very special relationship with our planet, our instincts are filled with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Exploring the globe takes time and preparation or we can easily be caught out in extreme conditions. But the pros, far outweigh the cons as we discover our dynamic planet. Scientist and Adventurer Huw James shows some of the amazing sights the Earth has to offer and how to see them without putting yourself in harm’s way!


Huw has brought his brand of energy and enthusiasm to hundreds of stage and screen appearances and can be seen performing at many of the science and outdoor festivals and events across the globe.

If you would like to book Huw for a speaking event, or for more information click on the booking enquiry below.

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