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Adventurer & Entrepreneur

Mike O Sheas climbing career began at the age of 13 when he started climbing in the mountains of the McGillicuddy Reeks near his home-place in County Kerry, Ireland. His adventurous spirit led him to be one of the first people in Ireland to gain the Gold Gaisce Presidents Award.  He has climbed extensively in the European Alps and internationally, going on to volunteer with Kerry Mountain Rescue for 10 years.


Mike hasn’t reserved his enthusiasm just for climbing and mountaineering, he is a keen paraglider and paramotorist, and was one of the first people to paramotor across the Irish Sea.  He is also a keen skier and has recently moved on to SpeedFlying to further add to the sense of adventure.


As part of The Ice Project Mike O’ Shea has crossed Lake Baikal in Northern Russia, Chile's North Patagonian Icecap, the Southern Icecap on Kilimanjaro and Greenland crossing. Mike also guide Irish groups up Kilimanjaro. Mike has raised funds to build and run an orphanage for local children in Africa, whose parents died of HIV and he is a staunch supporter of the Himalayan Stove Project.


His heights and rescue experience has allowed him to work on numerous projects such as Red Bull Cliff Diving and Crashed Ice events and international films such as Star Wars, and to consult for the likes of the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland and the Irish Coast Guard.

Past Speaking Engagements


SAR Association of Ireland


Mountaineering Clubs of Ireland

Addressed 6000 Foróige youth of Ireland.

Gaisce Presidents Award motivational speaker and medal presenter.

SARSEEN Rescue Services Summit

Motivational seminars for schools, youth groups, and various sporting clubs throughout Ireland



Lake Baikal:

A 640Km ice walk on the a largest lake in the work, whilst enduring the harsh weather of Siberia

Dogsled across Greenland IceCap:

An Epic crossing of the thirds largest ice cap in the world and escape the infamous Pitterak storms

Everest Base Camp:

A Journey through the historical route to Everest Base Camp and the Nepalese people



1993 : Participated in a successful K2 expedition (as featured in the book "3 Cups of Tea")


2010 : First ever flight across the Irish Sea on Paramotor


2012 : Crossing of North Patagonian Icecap : 26 days on the ice


2013 : Full length crossing of world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal 30 days on the ice


2014 : Attempt to walk to the North Pole : 15 days on the ice


2014 : 1st ever flight the length of Ireland by Paramotor


2015 : Greenland Crossing


2016/17 : Completed two legs of the Poles of Inaccessibility Project, travelling east to west across North America and South America.

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Mike's media appearances include television interviews on The Late Late Show and Morning Edition along with numerous radio interviews including The Last Word, Savage Sunday , Morning Ireland & The Ray Darcy Show among others.  Many of Mikes adventures have been followed closely by the Irish and International media and he has a large social media following.  A keen public speaker and motivator Mike has given talks at the Foroige Youth Awards , Gaisce Awards ceremony and to the Monaghan Minor football team along with the North Atlantic Rescue services.

If you would like to book Mike for a speaking event, or for more information click on the booking enquiry below.

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