Extremes, Oceans & Ice Swimming. Educator, Planning & Safety Specialist, Adventurer.

Growing up on the South west of Ireland, in Dingle in a fishing family,.

Nuala was always captivated by the sea and from a very young age about 7 or 8 yrs old, her father would take her out in his fishing boat and she would swim to shore.

Among her many firsts in Ice and marathon swimming, Nuala has represented Ireland around the world. She has been listed in the Top 50 of the World’s most adventurous women of open water swimming both in 2015 and 2017. She has been nominated in the top 14 women in the world of open water swimming for her contribution to extreme swimming by the World Open Water swimming association both in 2014 and 2016.


Of the many global accolades which Nuala has received over her varied career as an adventurer, she is very proud of the 2016 ad campaign for the AUDI Q7, in which she featured. This campaign went on to win the Global Award for Native Content at the INM awards in New York.


In 2006 she was one of 2 women on the team of 6 swimmers who circumnavigated the Island of Ireland by swimming arm over arm, seeing the country from the outside, understanding the limits of the human body and the power of the mind, as day after day, swim after swim they finally walked up onto the beach at Donegal becoming the first team in history to circumnavigate a country this size by swimming. 


Nuala has represented Ireland in Ice swimming, flying the flag around the world from Russia to China, Argentina to Finland, equally comfortable in the water and in press conferences, giving motivational talks or discussions with government officials.


In 2013, Nuala was an integral member of the Bering Strait Relay team swimming from Russia to the USA over 6 days. This swim took place with the assistance of the Russian Military and in some of the world’s most dangerous waters.  

Having been at the forefront of the development of extreme swimming and safety measures, Nuala set out to create an ethos of education of cold water injuries and authored a manual,"An Insight into the world of Ice Swimming.


Major Awards and Recognition

•     Round Ireland Swim recognised in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

•    Audi Advertising winning a Global Award for Native Content at the International News and Media Awards in the Harvard Club New York.

•    International Ice Swimming Association World Ambassador of the Year 2015 for work on risk, safety and the development of the sport of Ice swimming.

•    Listed in the top 50 Most Adventurous Women in the World of Open Water swimming both in 2015 and 2017.

•    World Open Water Woman of the year.

•    Nominated and selected in the top 14 in the world of Open Water Swimming both 2014 and 2016 for achievements in Extreme and Ice Swimming, awarded by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

•    Bering Strait Relay Swim Team Awarded the Best Performance in the World of Open Water Swimming, 2013.  

•    Outsider Magazine, Adventurer of the Year (Masters) for my achievements at 0 degrees in the Ice, 2016.

  • #BelievinginyourDreams- Nuala was part of the swim team to cross the deadliest and most volatile body of water in the world, the Bering Straits, without wet-suits and taking on some of the most vulnerable swims in the world of open water swimming from Russia to the USA.

  • #IceMile - Swimming in water that is below 5 deg is quite new and the need to manage all the risks attached to the swim and the effects of Hypothermia are fascinating both to the swimming community and the medical world.

  • #RoundIrelandSwim - It was the longest marathon staged swim relay in the world. One of the most challenging swims in history, based on the back to back immersions over 56 days and a grueling 830 miles.


Nuala is no stranger to adventure or being outside her comfort zone and over the last decade she has pushed the boundaries in the world of Ice and Extreme open water swimming in Ireland.

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