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World Explorers Bureau published the very successful Ripcord Adventure Journal, the Adventure Gear Guide and Adventure Monographs (in partnership with Redpoint Resolutions) and is developing a number of new publications for 2020 including the World Explorers Journal and regional Irish Explorers Journal.

We created Ripcord Adventure Journal back in October 2015 and during the past three years we have published a very successful series of indie publications devoted to authentic adventure and exploration. 

The goal of Ripcord Adventure Journal (RAJ) was to create a high-quality, free, digital publication focussed on factual adventure storytelling from around the globe, showcasing long and short-form writing and images which inspire and kindle the spirit of adventure that is found in all of us.

Our publications have been viewed over 12.5 million times and our readers are the frequent adventure traveller and adventure enthusiasts who enjoy a good read but also like to be a part of the adventure themselves! 

The final issue of Ripcord was published in 2017 prompting World Explorers Bureau to develop a new range of publications, the first of these, the Irish Explorers Journal was launched in March 2020.


Our Digital Platform, with all our free publications, is located on ISSUU

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