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Our hand-picked Lecturers are among the very best speakers presenting unique lectures to audiences throughout the world.

Join the World Explorers Bureau

The World Explorers Bureau was founded with the vision of creating a unique platform for active and retired academics, explorers and special interest experts to share their knowledge and passion with guests of some of the most luxurious cruiselines. We believe in the power of education and its ability to enrich experiences, even on a cruise ship! Our Bureau connects active and retired university lecturers and subject experts with cruise lines around the world, providing passengers with the opportunity to learn about exploration, history, geography, and world affairs from seasoned experts. 

Founded in 2011, World Explorers Bureau has developed strong relationships with the Enrichment and Education Teams on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises and Crystal Cruises, developing various enrichment programmes for these cruises lines over the years including a number of award winning education programmes.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Membership of the World Explorers Bureau is €1000 paid Annually


Members will receive:


- Guaranteed offer of at least one cruise each year, that lasts for 5 or more days (which include the exclusive perks of Stateroom for two, meals, lecturers flights and free guest).
- Opportunity to embark on up to 3 cruises per year (also including the exclusive perks of Stateroom for two, lecturers flights and meals etc) including the opportunity for longer and more exotic cruises.

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